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Free Blog Platform – Google Blogger or WordPress


I have been asked a few times about the difference of blogging platforms for personal use, both blogger and wordpress are free and easy to use.

(Please note: The wordpress here refers to ”’ not the themes that are used to create websites.)

The two main hosted blog types Blogger and WordPress – you’ll find that whenever a discussion about where its best to host your blog, if you’re not hosting it yourself, that these two are rated the highest.

So which of the two services is better?

Ultimately, both services will offer you a strong and solid base to blog from, but there are a couple of distinct differences between Blogger and WordPress.

WordPress (platform)

WordPress hosted services are not designed to be used for commercial purposes – nevertheless, most people do.  You get a choice of themes (and without paying, you can’t design your own theme) and a choice of plugins.  You can ‘map’ your domain to the site, for a fee, giving you the appearance of  hosting it yourself.

WordPress hosted (at is almost identical to hosting it yourself, other than the obvious ‘bonus’ of not actually needing to look after your install.  But its disadvantages include being at the mercy of a third party site, and needing to pay for additional ‘services’.  These still cost less than buying hosting and setting the blog up yourself.



Blogger is owned by Google, and is designed around ease of use.  You can ‘ftp’ your blog onto your own site, or host at a  domain ( of your choice.  Blogger doesn’t use plugins, but does let you use your own theme, within certain limits.

A huge community has been built around Blogger, but unlike they allow commercial based blogs as well as non commercial, which means they are more prone to spam.

In conclusion.  If you really can’t host your own blog at your own site, play with both WordPress and Blogger, because ultimately, the main difference will be between which one your more comfortable with.  And that’s the one you should use.  is a very successful blogger site.

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