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Ways to Improve Google Ranking – Offsite


Start with your strategic review: This is often underpinned by a situational analysis. A big component of the situational analysis is competitor analysis. Areas you need to consider to Improve Google Ranking:

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of other businesses which appear to be reaching out to the same customer group. Note that I say customer group. If you have a natural therapies centre which is only for elderly women then your competitors might not be other natural therapy centres they may be other online businesses which are trying to talk to elderly women. For the most part you can assume your competitors are probably not very good at understanding how to Improve Google Ranking. To stay one step ahead of your competitors, you need to know what elements of their online presence is successful, then perhaps emulate it, side step it of exceed it.

Social Marketing

Social marketing certainly has a role when it comes to how to Improve Google Ranking. It works well for short term traffic increases. We use this approach when we want to get a message out quickly. It depends on your audience though. If your audience is female between the ages of 12 and 40 then this is a must have. Unfortunately many 45 year old male business owners do not relate to social media. The basics of Social media marketing are creating content and trying to win the attention of social networks which can virally share the information and Improve Google Ranking for you. People respond to social netorks because they are more trusting of the source.

Social Bookmarking: 

This is a technique which provides the all important backlinks (or inbound links) to your site. Backlinks are very important if you want to Improve Google Ranking. This technique is very powerful for getting well profiled traffic because visitors will only come via the links if they think the content is relevant to them.

Facebook Fan Page Creation or Business Page

Facebook Fan pages are public and can be accessed by search engines which will index the pages and list them in search results. It is a way of building a community for your blog or website and building a community for your clients and prospects.

Twitter (Followers)

Another social platform to help you Improve Google Ranking, but which only works if you can relate to people in a socially active manner. It tends to work best when people re-tweet your messages and this requires a network of relationships which takes time to build.


This is the world’s largest network of professionals. Memberships is at 60 million and growing. People on linkedin are usually quite serious about doing business and these relationships are more about business to business than business to consumer. Through Linked you can certainly increase your professional clients if you are a profession which offers services. The key to using Linked In to Improve Google Ranking is to optimize your profile.

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