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Ways to Improve Google Ranking – Onsite


No one knows the exact algorithms the search engines use, and each one is different so all you can do is optimize the best you can. There are some basic SEO for Newbies:

Make sure meta tags with a good title, description, and the right keywords

The metatags help helps the search engine figure it out. Definitely use the title meta-tag, try to include keywords in the title. Definitely use the description meta-tag, google will normally use this for the summary it displays in the listing. It isn’t used for indexing so write it for humans, this is what gets people to click on your link when they see it in the SERP.  Take the time to make them be specific to each page.

Create good content

Content is what the internet was invented for. If you have unique and quality content, then all the SEO and backlinking you’re doing is just to get the ball rolling. G If it’s good enough then it’ll eventually start building on its own naturally because people like what they found. Avoid duplicate content between different pages on your site, the SE will most likely penalize your site for that.

Include your keywords

Structure your content correctly, make a few title headers in the content that include keywords (use header tags h1, h2, etc.), try to have a keyword density around 2% in your content, and maybe 4% for the whole page including the metatags, alt tags, anchors, etc.

Be sure that your .htaccess is set up correctly. Decide on which way you want your url to be and stick with it. If you decide to use www then always use it like that in your links, don’t use both. If you don’t know how to set up a redirect in your .htaccess file then just do a search in google.

Make a robots.txt file

Also include a favicon because without them the robots will trigger file not found errors on your server. Be sure to configure your robots.txt correctly. Make a custom 404 page. If your site has more than just a couple of pages then also create a sitemap.xml file. It’s not a bad idea to just create a sitemap anyway no matter what, it lets you define the structure of your site to the crawlers.

Everything else is off-site SEO and we will cover it in the next post.

Our master is usually Google and Google has a set of requirements which it wants us to conform with if we want to Improve Google Ranking. Unfortunately these requirements can be hard to understand and they keep changing.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is critical if you want to Improve Google Ranking. You need to be clear about the selling phrases you use, the buying phrases your customers use and then work out which phrases you might be able to optimise for. If you are running a café and you sell lots of hamburgers chances are you might need to rethink your strategy if you imagine you can afford to Improve Google Ranking on a phrase like “we make the best hamburgers”. At last count there were something like 46 million references to that phrase and similar phrases on the internet and you would have to find a way to cut through. This is an area where it is definitely worth getting professional advice and be prepared to change your views on how you should structure your keywords and selling messages in order to Improve Google Ranking. There is no doubt that as you attempt to Improve Google Ranking it can be complicated choosing the right keywords. Be prepared to put in the effort here.

Title Tag Modifications

Have you ever noticed the title at the top of a search engine listing. This is called the title tag and you can control what is seen in the title tag in your efforts to Improve Google Ranking. The title tag has a lot of clout in search engines and is a big contributor to how a search engine indexes your web content.

Meta Tags:

This is code in the header after the title tag. Again this influences how your content is indexed and displayed. Although some people consider that this is less important these days.

A Google Analytic Cod :

If you want to Improve Google Ranking, then you need data to show the before and after. By inserting certain Google codes on your site you will have a ready supply of data showing how and when the traffic came to your site. This data is most important to any campaign if you want to Improve Google Ranking.

Heading Information (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6)

This is more of a housekeeping exercise but it flags the important themes in your content. Again the right language needs to be used. The higher in the heading hierarchy a keyword or phrase occurs the greater importance it is going to flag to search engines. Clear, concise and engaging heading are required – they must appeal to the reader and the search engine robots.

URL Rewriting

Rewriting a URL means changing the way the URL is displayed in the browser. When a visitor arrives on a page with a rewritten URL, the code behind that page doesn’t change, the server still reads the original URL.

Verification by Google,Yahoo & Bing:

These used to be called sitemaps. They tell users and the robots how your content and site is laid out for ease of use and clarity of message.

Robots.txt Modification: 

The Meta Robots tag controls search engine robots on a per page basis. It tells Robots they may scan the page and whether to index it or not.

Sitemap (Creation And Submission)

A sitemap helps robots find pages on the site. It also gives an indication of the importance of the pages.

Image Optimization: Image Optimization is also an important process to Improve Google Ranking. You have to optimize any images that you have on your site so that they appeal to the search engines. Obviously search engine robots cannot see what is in an image, so it is the words and file name which the robot uses to determine content. Always have keyword rich alternative text for images if you want them to help you incease website traffic.

Canonical Tag: 

Add this tag to your website if you have pages with duplicate content. Search engines do not like duplicate content and can penalise a site unless it is flagged with a canonical tag. If you have multiple websites with duplicate content again this tag you can select one URL as the primary source. In your endeavours to Improve Google Ranking you do not want to accidentally work against yourself.

301 Redirect

This is something you don’t hear about very often. You might have several marginally successful sites and you want to channel the success of link juice or traffic (a number of ways of saying the same thing) to a specific URL. This makes for a better user experience and it means that you don’t loose the Kudos from previous efforts to Improve Google Ranking if you decide you need to refresh your online presence or even create a completely new site.

Search Engine Submissions:

Almost all traffic comes from search engines and we are trying to Improve Google Ranking so clearly we need to be indexed by the engines. It makes sense to resubmit your site to the major engines monthly.

Write Articles:

Articles are the modern equivalent of magazine content. People still love reading articles. If you provide information by way of articles which are loosely linked to your products or services you will be increasing you credibility and influence. This is certainly an important foundation in your effort to Improve Google Ranking.

Directory Submissions:

Sending your content to directories is one of the best ways to improve your website visibility and Improve Google Ranking. It’s like having a listing in the phone book.

A Dmoz Submission:

DMOZ is the king of directories so you want to get your content listed there if you want to Improve Google Ranking. The major search engines give a lot of credence to DMOZ. It is fair to say that of all the Directory submissions a submission to DMOZ can have the greatest impact on website traffic.

RSS Submission: 

This stands for rich site syndication. It is a method of automatically updating the directories, blogs and forums which your content is submitted to. You can be confident that people see you an authority on a subject when they add you to their RSS feeds

Posting in a Forum: 

There seems to be a forum or discussion group on virtually every subject. A comment in a forum can give link juice to a site and Improve Google Ranking. Build up a reputation in a handful of relevant forums and contribute on a regular basis.


There are virtual press agencies which collect release and collate them. These can be more useful for getting out information quickly. It’s a bit like an article submission except the life of the content tends to be shorter. There is no doubt that good copy writing in a press release can lead to an increase in your website traffic and an increase in sales.

Online Classified Advertisements:

Classified advertisements work the same way on the internet as they do in newspapers. They are also a way to get link juice and Improve Google Ranking.


A blog is like an online journal. Usually it gets updated regularly with fresh content. Search engines love blogs. The best blogs in terms of getting noticed by search engines are the ones which stick to a key topic. Well written original material is the key to success here. Don’t be tempted to directly copy the work of other people or use spinning software which tends to create poor quality content. Also beware of auto blogging. The search engines are becoming more sophisticated and are already picking up content which has been poorly assembled or which has little original content


While it can sometimes be easier to just read the information you are seeking, we have moved into a movie world where lots of people like to watch information rather than read it. It is now very easy to produce simple videos to provide valuable information. The video along will not Improve Google Ranking. Search robots cannot watch videos so they look at how popular the videos are and they look at the tags and headings which have been applied to the video. It is easy to get good search engine cut through and hence additional traffic if there are few videos on a specific topic and people are searching for video information.

Email Marketing

All businesses benefit from getting closer to their customers. Email marketing allows you to build a relationship with the people who do or might buy from you. The key to success again is providing quality content and not overloading (spamming) your contacts. Email marketing is a discipline in its own right and needs good direction and technology if it is to be successful. Done properly, email marketing has an important role if you want to Improve Google Ranking. Not that video can also be incorporated into email marketing.


Inbound links needs to be slowly accumulated and the better links are those that come from sites which ranks well. The message to the search engines is that the link must exist because there is good information on the site which is being linked to. Effort to Improve Google Ranking should include a good measure of link building. If the link juice runs from a site of higher ranking back to your site then you will be a traffic boost.


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