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Website Design Principles by Smart Site Blog


Site Speed

Keep your design simple but professional!  Optimise your graphics and avoid unnecessary use of animation or audio files so those visitors can access your page within a reasonable amount of time.

Flash is a great technology but it has been over used. Websites need fast loading and above all must be search engine friendly.

Kiss principle – Keep it simple and stupid

Make simpler and cleaner design don’t let too many choices distract your visitor! Use consistent fonts and colours.

Web research shows that users start to feel overwhelmed when faced with lots of choices on a website.

Leads generation site focus on getting customers’ email and name, online shopping site display products into section so people can make the next move fast, or a take away shop will put the phone number at the very obvious position.

When have  too many pages within the site  then group them as a drop down menus.

Logic and organised navigation

Nothing is more frustrating than going to a website and you cannot find what you want.

  • Make things easy for your visitors to find and easy to navigate.
  • Have the titles be descriptive
  • Organise information into blocks or by thumbnails
  • Think in terms of what your visitor will be looking for
  • Use the terms that the customers use

Establish creditability- ways to earn trust:

Include details of your business no matter you are brick and mortar or internet based

  • List out your physical address
  • Phone number/Fax numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Hours of operation
  • Key contacts
  • Social media
  • Include verifiable testimonials from previous customers (video is best)
  • Offer 100% satisfaction guarantee / Money back guarantee
  • Authority sites endorsement
  • Ensure visitors that you will protect their privacy

Use mobile ready design (or mobile friendly website)

How often do you check emails and websites on your phone? You might use it to:

  • Get directions
  • Search for information
  • Shop online or pay bill
  • Find restaurants or local services
  • Play games during waiting for train or bus
  • Social media etc.

Wireless technology has changed internet usage forever; People are relying on mobile devices more than ever.

Having a mobile optimised Website will increase the number of people able to access your information or service, improve your search engine rankings, also ensure your customers have a good user experience browsing your site on Mobile Phones, as opposed to ‘standard’ websites and which will definitely save you a loss of business and increase sales.


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